Employee Introduction

 The accumulation of efforts
earns trust from customers and 
accelerates your personal growth. 
Joined the corporation as a store manager in 2005
Akiko Yamagishi

What is your motivation for joining the company?

Although I was interested in beauty for a long time, because I was indecisive about my future, I ended up going to a vocational school specializing in language studies. However, I thought to myself, "I want to do what I enjoy doing as a job for the rest of my life!" and started to take esthetician courses offered through Miss Paris' distance learning while going to school. I got a good impression of the working environment at the information session and selection meeting of the Miss Paris Group. After witnessing that there was more enthusiasm among employees than can be found in any other company, and feeling the warmth in the way the company treats people, I decided to join.

About the work of an esthetician

You feel rewarded as an esthetician when your customer gives you the smile that comes from having faith in you. "It would have been absolutely impossible if I hadn't come here!" "Why had I not come here sooner!" "Thank you very much!" We feel very much rewarded when we hear these words of encouragements from our customers.
However, when I was still a rookie I was often scolded by my seniors. I shed tears of humiliation everyday as I was poor at performing techniques and did not have confidence in myself.  But I had to smile in front of customers no matter what. I was thankful to the customers who visited our salon, and I tried my best so that each and every customer will leave our salon satisfied and happy. To do so, I studied the techniques everyday to efficiently and accurately bring out the result. My efforts accumulated little by little and eventually led to having trust relationship with customers, giving me confidence, and I became entrusted with jobs that require much responsibility. Although it was a gradual process, I could feel that I was growing. It is such a rewarding work.

About the work of a store manager

A store manager is undoubtedly a store's "director." From managing customer information to understanding the sales and expenses of the store, managers execute the plans of improvements as we consider the next move all the while being attentive to the surroundings.
However, a salon cannot be changed by one single person. It is crucial that all the staffs of the salon serve customers with the same attitude and share the same goals.
Great achievements are made when everyone works together toward the same goal. As a manager it's very rewarding to be able to enjoy such moments together with everyone.

Dear Students

Esthetician is a profession that allows you to study for life-long. I want to be the kind of an esthetician who, if I were a customer, would want to receive services from. I am going to do my best until I can be such an esthetician.
The work of an esthetician is to beautify the body and soul of your customer. It is a work that can bring happiness not only to yourself, but also to the people. You cannot do this work half-heartedly. We would like to help our customers gain healthy and beautiful mind and body. We invite everyone to join and become a member of the "Earnest Group." We look forward to meeting you.

About the work of an esthetician

About the work of a store manager

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