What We Value

What We Value

People are everything.

Each Customer is a human being. Each employee is a human being as well. The Miss Paris Group is a company made of people.
As it is possible for the passion and power of only one person to change the world, it is surely possible that the power of a person can change the future of a company. Yes, we believe so.
The important thing is the power of people. Start thinking for yourself rather than waiting for someone else to think for you.
All our employees work together towards one solution regardless of the job title or the department.
We realize our unique ideas through our combined power.

If you had to describe the Miss Paris Group in one word, what would it be?

  • A company with passionate, charming and trustworthy companions.
 Joined us 2006 Beauty Professional Saki Kotani
  • A straightforward and honest company. Joined in 2013 Beauty Professional Fumie Takakuwa
  • A growing company full of opportunities and energy. 
Joined us 2010  Chief Noriko Noda

What do you find most rewarding in your job?

  • Just doing what we do, the customers change and we change. 
Joined us 2007  Chief Risa Kobayashi
  • Be told directly by the customers how happy they are.
 Joined us 2010 Supervisor Misato Hamazi
  • My goal is it to make all our customers happy.
 Joined us 2006  Shop Manager Ayako Kikuchi

What is your goal for the future?

  • To make our beauty treatments the best in the world. 
Joined us 2010  Human Resources Department Supervisor Kenosuke Ito

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