A Message from our Representative

Miss Paris Group
Akemi Shimomura

Create the best beatuy treatments in the world.

In Japan, there is a spirit of hospitality that we have developed over the ages. It is an important thing that we have inherited from the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and other elements of our culture. Adding to this, we have state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. We are using the latest esthetic treatments. Outstanding beauty-treatments that are impossible for other countries to imitate. But no matter how good your techniques, you can't call yourself the best esthetician based only on that. The most important thing is to create an atmosphere that "pleases the mind and body of our customers." Do the customers think "I want to lose weight" or do they think "I want to relax", or do they maybe just "want you to listen"? After quickly perceiving all that, we make these wishes come true through our hospitality and optimal techniques. By doing so, we will become indispensable.

Make people beautiful all over the world.

Our customers will become young, beautiful and healthy. They will have a confident and calm heart, and come to lead a positive life. We are completely committed to realizing this dream. This is the unchanging mission of the Miss Paris Group. I confirmed that for the first time, when customers told me: "I like using your service", "I only go to your salon" and "your hospitality and techniques are wonderful". The joy of esthetics is that it is needed by people all over the world. That is why we hope to be able to make people, not only in Japan, but all around the world happy and beautiful.

Make people beautiful all over the world.

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