Five Star Quality

Techniques, theories, equipment, cosmetics, comfortable and sophisticated salons, hospitality. These are things we have been pursuing in order to create "beauty". By perfecting them one by one, accumulating them, and providing them to our customers, our beauty salon has earned its high reputation and trust. This quality is our special service, our "Five Star Quality".

  1. 1 Estheticians providing you with services of the highest level

    A service provided by highly qualified estheticians who guarantee first-class and consistent techniques and quality

      • Service provided by qualified personnel (95% or more) with specialized training
      • Uniform service management with digitized techniques
      • Made-in-Japan esthetics with the soul of Japan
      • Welcome customers with hospitality that will satisfy all five senses
    • Guaranteed quality of service from qualified hair removal technicians, preventive care estheticians and spa therapists
  2. 2 Reliable theories and guaranteed effects

    Techniques and theories with medically and scientifically proven effects

      • Developed a scientific system in collaboration with Tokyo University
      • 30 years of achievement and experience that have made possible high effectiveness
    • Counseling and teaching methods developed by many years of experience
    • Effects of Triple Burn slimming method has been medically proven by Kokushikan University Graduate School of Sports and System Studies
    • Effects of Face Slim has been verified by the FCG Research Institute, and Triple Burn slimming method by Takanawa Medical Clinic
  3. 3 High performance equipment and high quality cosmetics

    High-performance equipment that enhances the effectiveness

      • World's latest esthetics equipment with proven effects and safety
      • Equipment developed in collaboration with leading medical product manufacturers
      • World's latest patented equipment
      • High-quality, original cosmetics that are in demand
      • World-widely acknowledged cosmetics that have received Monde Selection Gold Award
    • Safety and effectiveness have been proven with reliable tests over an extensive period of time
    • Professional cosmetics made with ingredients gathered from all over the world with the minimum amount of additives added
  4. 4 High quality salons recognized around the world

    Creating a space that is up to global standard

      • First to obtain the ISO9001 in esthetics industry
      • Comfortable, clean and high-quality salons recognized by international standards
    • Comfortable salons with much attention given to the details to fully satisfy all five senses of customers
    • Easy access locations. Near train stations and in commercial facilities.
  5. 5 Safe contract system

    Fully-equipped with safe payment system and thorough legal compliance

    • Member of Spa Wellness Japan Association
    • Authenticated by Japan Association of Esthetics (some salons)
    • Supports early termination of contract and cooling-off period
    • Customer service representative in place
    • Safe payment system

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