Employee Introduction

Information and teamwork create the best service.
Joined us 2006   Concierge, Area Manager
Kana Tsubuku

Tell us about your motivation to join the company

I wanted to have a job in beauty industry. At first I was looking at the cosmetics industry but then I thought that to be beautiful, one must change from the inside. So I switched to the esthetic industry. At that time, because there were almost no university students who became estheticians, parents and friends around me asked "why an esthetician?" in a mocking opposition. The reason why I chose this company is because I believed I could grow as a person. There were many other companies that claimed to be "meritocratic" and "performance-based," but I felt that here those concepts really existed.

Working as a concierge

After joining the company, I worked as an esthetician in Akasaka. At the time of the grand opening of Shinjuku Main Branch, I was transferred there to work as a concierge.
The job of a concierge is to manage everything from the moment a customer arrives at the store until she leaves.
Teamwork and appropriate information are of the utmost importance. For example, if you think a customer's complexion is a bit strange when she enters the store, immediately tell the staff in the technique room. From the technicians, you get information like, "The customer has updated her highest record." When you see the customer off, you can congratulate the customer and be happy for her. Not only having the technicians say things like, "You've lost weight, that's great," by complementing the customer twice at two different times, we can expand the level of our service. There are services that you can perform indirectly. The role of a concierge is to know a customer's preferences and provide an appropriate environment. The good thing about a salon with a concierge is that you can offer more detailed services compared with other salons.

Working as a concierge

Working as an Area Manager

The work of an area manager is to improve the performance of the store as well as the area she is in charge of. I want the staff to feel that their work is fun. To achieve that, it is important that everyone has their own role. It's not that everyone has their arms full and has to do everything. For each person has his or her own role, you become responsible for your own work and motivated to try harder. It's also important to say "thank you" to your fellow staff members and communicate well. And above all, if you can't leave behind the fruits of your labor, the work isn't fun. My job as an area manager is help each employees grow so that they may be good at their work.


When I started working, I did not expect to be able to teach something to people. I was even resistant to the idea of working as a leader. Because I had to be in charge of matters that aren't very apparent, I was not so confident. However, I was really happy when I could see the results on customers when the proposed course of action was followed. Once there is a result, customers gain confidence and find things that they want to do. They do well at their jobs, get married, or overcome their shyness around strangers. Although changes may vary among people, I believe that it is a work that is involved with a person's life. My greatest pleasure is for customers to think that they are glad that they took a course at our salon. The more you're entrusted with, the bigger and heavier your responsibility becomes. But because of that, I was able to give much confidence to customers.

Working as an Area Manager

Working as an Area Manager

Dear Students

When I started working as a concierge, I didn't know left from right. I couldn't get them to really accept the idea of a "concierge" at a salon and as a result. I worried whether I could become established in this new type of work. But the director of the education division, to whom I am very grateful, said "You simply don't know whether this work is fit for you or not. But the company, thinking it was fit for you, gave you a chance, so it's good if you do it." Things almost never turn out the way you expect. The problem is, how to make it your own. That's precisely why I would like all students to choose work that they think they like.

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