Employee Introduction

 For many "Thank you"s
Joined the company as a Senior Staff in 2008
Maki Konno

What is your motivation for joining the company?

When I was going to school, I majored in Exercise Science and Nutrition at a physical education university. Also, because I liked to support others, I worked as a baseball team manager.
During my job hunting I went to a company information session of the Miss Paris Group, and got the impression that this would be a great job where I could assist every single customer by "providing techniques as a professional".
In addition, the words "to create the best beauty treatments in the world" show you the confidence in the technology and that it is a hard job to do. So I, who always wanted to have a challenging job where I could grow, immediately knew that this was it.

What makes the Miss Paris Group attractive?

Have a commitment to all, and be a professional. I absolutely cannot neglect technology, products, machinery, interior, grooming, and of course, people. As a result, our work is very demanding. On the other hand, though, you can become an esthetician who can satisfy our first-class customers.

What do you find most rewarding in your job?

We hear our customers say, "Thanks you", more than a several times a day. I think there is no other work that receives as many "Thank you"s as ours.
Even if you feel down because the work is hard or something doesn't go as planned, you always have to be able to put a big smile on your face in front of the customer. There many be difficult times, but it is the "Thank you" from customers that cheer us up in such times. Soon after I started working, one of the customers criticized my technique and service. 5 years later, I was given a chance to serve that customer again. I remember trying so hard to fight back my tears when she told me, "you've become a pro! Thanks for taking care of me again."
At that moment I felt that although it is my job to be there for the customers, it's actually the customers who support me and help me grow.

Dear Students

No matter which company you join, you will face many tasks that you have not experienced before. I did not understand much about the beauty itself such as massage or make-up when I first joined the company. When I did not understand the professional terminology of the task a senior staff asked me to do, I had to bother the busy senior staff many times for the clarification of the term. I even made mistakes from doing the task without fully understanding it. It was the repetition of such happenings. Nevertheless, I have come this far where I am working as the store's senior staff. I believe it was possible because I put my effort into what I wanted to do. Although there are many students who are not sure what they want to do, there must be something each one enjoys doing. Furthermore, there will always be hardships in doing what you enjoy. With the courage to face such hardships and efforts to overcome them, I want you all to become responsible members of society. In addition, I want you to have pride in your work at any time.

What makes the Miss Paris Group attractive?

Dear Students

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