Privacy Policy

The handling of personal information

The information provided by the Miss Paris Group (hereinafter "the Service") will respect the privacy of the customer using the Service (hereinafter "the Customer"). We will pay close attention to the management of the provided customer information (hereinafter "the Personal Information").

The concept of personal information

We deem that Personal InformatWe deem that Personal Information is information relating to an individual or something that can identify an individual. However, information of statistically processed Personal Information,
being that it is not information that can identify an individual, is not included in the scope of Personal Information. foSection">

Purpose of collecting personal information

The Service collects personal information from you in the following cases:
• In case information is collected when the Customer uses services.
• In case the Customer answers a questionnaire
• In case the Customer applies for a campaign or to be a subject
• For "New Information Mailing List" and/or "Mail Magazine Service"
• In order to ensure the smooth operation of the provision of information and such of the Service's affiliated companies and/or cooperative companies
• In order to understand the opinions and usage conditions of the Service
• In the event that you use this company's services, information, and the like, you agree to this company's Public Notice and Privacy Policy.

Use of personal information

Except where permitted by law, the Service will not use or supply Personal Information other than in the aforementioned instances.
In case Personal Information is used or supplied for purposes other than those mentioned above, it is done only with the consent of the Customer.

Management of personal information

The Service, as the custodian of Personal Information, shall maintain a strictly controlled environment in which the general user cannot access Personal Information, and, excepting in the following situation,
shall not release or leak Personal Information to a third party.

Customer's statistical information may be released in case the Service has determined that the customer is a disadvantage to a third party, and the Service is demanded to release Customer's Personal Information by a court, Public Prosecutor's Office, police, bar association, consumer center or organizations holding applicable rights of such institutions. Information may also be released in the event that it becomes necessary to release Personal Information for the protection of the Service's rights or assets, or explaining the Service to a cooperative business (including businesses with the potential to become cooperative businesses), advertising sponsors or other third parties, or any other lawful purpose. However, regarding statistical information, information that can identify individual customers shall not be included.

Consignment of personal information

The Service may sign a confidentiality agreement with external companies who will be entrusted with the processing of Personal Information.

Correction and deletion of personal information

Regarding the release, modification, or deletion of Customer's Personal Information recorded via the Service,
please use the Contact Us page provided on the site of the Service. In accordance with the prescribed procedure, we ask for your support.

Privacy on the internet

If you disclose personal information voluntarily on the Internet, please keep in mind that that information could be used or collected by other users.
If you publish your personal information on the Internet that everyone can access, you may receive an undesirable message based on the information posted there.
You send information at your own risk.

Survey of the user numbers on the service home page

In the Service's home page, the number of user access may be counted and examined. This result will not be released to outside companies.
Investigating the number of users will be thoroughly useful with future objectives. Information other than statistical processing of totals will not be collected.
It is not an investigation for the purpose of the collection of names and addresses. It is in order for the Service to be more easy-to-use for everyone, and for the Service to be complete.

Division responsible for Personal Information Management

If you have any questions regarding the protection of personal information, please contact:
Customer Consultation Center; TEL: 03-6757-6511
※ This Company, for better protection of Customer's Personal Information, as well as the enactment and change etc. of laws and regulations,
may change the Public Notice and Privacy Policy. Thus we recommend that you check on a regular basis.

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