Human Resource Development

Design your own career making your own decisions. 
Bring yourself up at your own pace.

We use theories and techniques that maximize the effect of esthetics.
In Europe and America, the trust people have in estheticians who thoroughly understand their customers and have theories and techniques that bring out real results is second only to medical doctors. Miss Paris Group has the confidence and responsibility to educate such estheticians. A training program for new employees acts as the basis. The contents of our unique training program which utilizes an experimental human resource development system that has been authorized by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, enable our employees to succeed in the role of staff training, salon management, and headquarter staff.
Building their own career, all employees play an active part in improving their skills.

Education and training programs

  Content of Training Qualification Model
Prior to Joining

Understand the company and content of work for early achievement after joining the company.

  • Prospective employee training (manners, company and contents of work)
  • Intern training (only for applicants)
  • Certified esthetician
    ※ Can be obtained before joining Shape Up House via distance learning.
1st year

Learn theories, techniques, and manners necessary to service customers.

  • Basic technical training for slimming, facials, and hair removal, and lectures on basic theory
  • Manners (courtesy, grooming and appearance, polite words) training
  • OJT in the salon
  • Special training aimed at nurturing the next management candidates
  • Certified Beauty Therapist
  • Diet Professionals
  • Service Manners Test Level 3
2nd year

While gaining experience as an esthetician in the salon, we aim at various qualifications

  • Continuous training centered around basic techniques and theory
  • Counseling, Telephone correspondence, Paperwork, Salon management
  • New employee training
  • Salon management test
  • Spa therapist
  • Nutritionist
  • Certified hair removal technicians
  • Service Manner Test Level 2
  • Home Helper Level 2
3rd year

We expand your professional skills by focusing on your individual abilities.

  • Special training for administrators
  • Group training as educators
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Health care worker
  • First-class beauty professional electrologist
  • Certificated beauty professional electrologist
  • International beauty therapist
  • Care preventive esthetician
4th-10th years

We further improve our techniques and skills

  • Training managers have trainings for external managers
  • Training for internal auditors
  • Group training as educators
  • International certificated trainer
  • Certificated trainer
  • Health exercise educators
  • First-class service manners test

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