Employee Introduction

Gain customers’ trust, and become a professional.
Joined in 2013 Beauty Professional 
Fumie Takakuwa

What was your motivation for joining the company?

Since I was in elementary school, I was interested in psychology and human psychology, and I wanted have a job where I could remove the complexes and worries of people. I aim to become an esthetician with the techniques that can solve the worries and complexes people may have. To eliminate them and achieve results is my highest priority. At the Miss Paris Group we work with technologies based on the theories. Every single employee understands them, and provides them to the customers. It is most important to me to feel that I am doing something different than other estheticians.

The image of an esthetician

In the beginning, I wondered if esthetics really had an effect, although I had a glamorous image about it. When I started to work in the company, it occurred to me that the customers might be anxious in the beginning. But, once there is an effect like sizing down or slimming since coming to the salon, customers start to cheerfully consult various things with the estheticians.
I believe that when customers try their best to lose weight, there will be results. There are many people that want to be healthy as well. Our seniors have rich knowledge. They are not only qualified estheticians, but also qualified nutritionists. I was a qualified school graduate, but I couldn't have talked with confidence to the customers, if I wouldn't have studied. It also was more physical labor than I thought. It is a very professional work, so the need to be prepared as a professional is essential.

The image of an esthetician

What is your current job?

The day begins with preparing cosmetics for customers, cleaning the salon, and watering the flower. In order to create a high-quality salon, daily cleaning is very important. Besides acquiring skills and knowledge, I also feel that my sense of beauty has improved. After passing the technical test conducted every month, we are able to serve the customers. In addition, we also provide counseling regarding nutrition and lifestyle in order to have bring a better result. Customers are very pleased to see results even if it is only to a small degree. We try hard to make customers realize the results by showing them photos, making them touch their own body and more.

What is your current job?

Dear students

Whatever the job is, the work itself is very exhausting. That's why you should find a job you are certain about. Working as an esthetician, you have to take a lot of responsibility when touching customers' bodies. You will need technical skills for sure, but also a variety of other abilities such as being conversational and hospitable. You should be able to provide a service tailored to each customer. So, I would like to work with people who can cater for customers properly and will try to do their best for the customers. Imagine yourself always in the position of the customer. This goes without saying, but it is very important. These words should not be forgotten no matter what. Please keep them in your mind at all times.

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