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Aesthetic salon certification system
"First Time Outstanding Company”
Miss Paris Group was awarded!
~ Esthetic salon that can be used safely and with sense of security~

On Wednesday July 18, 2018, the Miss Paris group (location: Chuo-ku, Ginza, Representative: Akemi Shimomura) which operates "Men's Esthetic Dandy House" and "Esthetic Miss Paris" was awarded as the "The First Outstanding Company" by the Japan Esthetic Organization.

The Japan Esthetic Organization is a non-profit organization which aims to insure the safety and sense of security for the consumers that use esthetic salons and oversee the healthy development of the esthetic industry.

In 2007 when the Salon Certification System started, the Miss Paris Group passed 48 screening points which were created based on the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's guideline of "Esthetic Salon Certification System", conducted by the Japan Esthetic Organization. We are marking the 10th year since acquiring the certification.

In January of 2018, we were given the "Three-Star" mark from the Organization as a sign of having renewed and passed Esthetic Salon Certification System for the third time. For acquiring this "Three-Star" mark, we were awarded "The First Outstanding Company" at this time.

The Miss Paris Group celebrates its 36th year since establishment, and we are striving to create high-quality salons through urging all estheticians to become certified and acquire the ISO9001 (international quality assurance standard). In addition, we have a variety of menus that put emphasis on results starting with our original weight loss system “Triple Burn Z”, co-developed and its effects verified with universities, and other menus for weight reduction, facial beauty, epilation, etc.

We will actualize “beauty”, “health” and “healing” that everyone in the world desires in the best form and will provide high quality services and techniques.

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