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The Men’s Aesthetic Salon Dandy House
Splendid Collaboration with Ginza Mitsukoshi
"The Ginza Gentlemen" Project!!
The New Standard of Gentlemen is About to be Born Here…

The Men’s Aesthetic Salon Dandy House (hereinafter Dandy House), as managed by Miss Paris Co., Ltd. led by CEO Akemi Shimomura, in commemoration of its 30th anniversary, will, starting in June commence "The Ginza Gentlemen" Project, in collaboration with leading-edge global department store, Mitsukoshi.

The Men’s Aesthetic Salon Dandy House is the first aesthetic salon for men in Japan. With the mission to “make cool gentlemen in Nippon”, realizing that all men seek, “beauty,” “health” and “healing,” we provide high-quality service and advanced technology to realize these ideals to the highest degree. This year marks the 30th anniversary since our establishment and we are determined to stay closer with the lifestyles of all our customers, go beyond the boundary of aesthetics, and start presenting an even more caring, refreshing, exciting, and moving service that can only be experienced at Dandy House.

This project is aimed at support all gentlemen in Japan, to uphold their ideals and strive to achieve them, and we found that Ginza Mitsukoshi share a strong mutual affinity when it comes to this goal, which has led to the realization of this dream collaboration. Combining the uncompromising efforts of Dandy house to provide high quality aesthetic results with Ginza Mitsukoshi’s provision of advice on creating a wardrobe of class and dignity, this collaboration marks the beginning of a new lifestyle for men that is the lifestyle known as "The Ginza Gentlemen".

Determined to further strive to achieve the goal of “producing beautiful people all over the world,” and constantly providing this valuable service to our customers, Dandy House is going to make relentless efforts to present the best possible care and service to each and every one of our valued customers.

*1 "The Ginza Gentlemen"
Are gentlemen who are always gentle, alert to the needs of those around them, moderate, courteous, maintaining themselves in the center of the times, authentic, essential, and a little playful at heart.

<General Features>

◆When From June 1 (Wed) to July 31 (Sun), 2016
◆Who The members of The Men’s Aesthetic Salon Dandy House
◆Where Ginza Mitsukoshi
◆The Content of the Service Uncompromised heartfelt service presented by Ginza Mitsukoshi

・Welcome reception at the Ginza Gentlemen’s Lounge
・Shoe care service at the Ginza Gentlemen’s Lounge overflowing with luxury
・Advice from a first-class stylist to coordinate you according to your favorite style

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