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2015 Miss International
Winner is Edymar Martinez of Venezuela!

"Miss International 2015", sponsored by Miss Paris Group, was held on November 5 (Thu) at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, Hiten (Tokyo, Shinagawa), where the winner was selected. 
At the "World Conference", the 70 international contestants presented themselves in the national costumes of their home countries, swimsuits, and gowns. 10 of them were selected as finalists. After delivering speeches, a final winner was chosen.
Venezuela’s representative, Edymar Martinez (20), did exceptionally well at the "2015 Miss International" beauty pageant.  “That’s the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Venezuela, I did it!” said Edymar with a happy tear in her eye.

In addition, Nakagawa Arisa (19), who represented Japan and had been supporting Miss Paris for the past year, enriched the evening with her presence, and was the first Japanese candidate ever to be selected Miss National Costume.

As the "Miss International 2015", all prize-winners will participate in different charity activities for international goodwill and world peace.

From left: Pham Hong Thuy Van, Jennifer Valle, Edymar Martinez, Eunice Onyango, and Lindsay Becker

■ Miss International 2015 Winners
● 2015 Miss International
Venezuela / Edymar Martinez (20)
● 2015 Miss International 1st Runner-up
Honduras / Jennifer Valle (21)
● 2015 Miss International 2nd Runner-up
Kenya / Eunice Onyango (22)
● 2015 Miss International 3rd Runner-up
Vietnam / Pham Hong Thuy Van (22)
● 2015 Miss International 4th Runner-up
USA / Lindsay Becker (25)

■ Special Awards
● Miss National Costume: Japan / Nakagawa Arisa (19)
● Miss Perfect Body: Venezuela / Edymar Martinez (20)
● Miss Best Dresser: Philippines / Janicel Lubina (21)
● Miss International Asia: Korea / Ahreum Park (24)
● Miss International Africa: Kenya /Eunice Onyango (22)
● Miss International North-South Africa: Aruba /Laura Marcela Ruiz (22)
● Miss International Oceania: Hawaii / Brianna Acosta (24)
● Miss International Europe: Portugal /Isabel Vieira (22)

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